A republic is a form of government in which people or the representatives of the people have ultimate power rather than the power being vested in a monarch or despot. The people or their representatives may elect a leader, but that leader's power derives from the consent of the people. Some classical cultures have had some form of republicanism, notably several Greek city-states and Rome (for part of its history), but for most of world history the monarchy was the most common form of government.

Adopting the Republican form of government has the power of inspiring common people's confidence in their society. After all, they know that they are working towards their own good!

Class QualitiesEdit

Governmental Wonder: Senate Chamber

Legacy Bonus: All Governors also receive the Egalitarian trait

Table: The Republican
Level Public Governance Citizenship Special
1st +2 Happiness
2nd +4 Happiness +2 Production
3rd +6 Happiness
4th +8 Happiness +4 Production Collective Rule 8 Free Builders
5th +10 Happiness Representation (3 Free Diplomats, 4 Production from Monuments)
6th +12 Happiness +6 Production
7th +14 Happiness
8th +16 Happiness +8 Production Collective Rule 16 Free Builders
9th +18 Happiness
10th +20 Happiness +10 Production Improved Representation (6 Free Diplomats, 8 Production from Monuments), Meritocracy (+5 Happiness and +50% Production in Healthy cities, -25% Unhappiness in all non-occupied cities)
11th +22 Happiness
12th +24 Happiness +12 Production Collective Rule 24 Free Builders
13th +26 Happiness
14th +28 Happiness +14 Production
15th +30 Happiness Greater Representation (9 Free Diplomats, 12 Production from Monuments)
16th +32 Happiness +16 Production Collective Rule 32 Free Builders
17th +34 Happiness
18th +36 Happiness +18 Production
19th +38 Happiness
20th +40 Happiness +20 Production Collective Rule 40 Free Builders, Total Representation (12 Free Diplomats, 16 Production from Monuments), Improved Meritocracy (+10 Happiness and +100% Production in Healthy cities, -50% Unhappiness in all non-occupied cities), People's Congress (5 Free Great People, +125% Production towards National Wonders, and +75% Production towards their required buildings)

Governors: 2 Social (1 must be Public Affairs Minister), 1 Domestic

Class FeaturesEdit