Pedro Daniel McCaskill

Pedro McCaskill is the creator of the Pedroverse, and a creator of many games. Zhe currently is working on several projects, all to be incorporated on this wiki. They include:
  • Soul Sovereign
  • SoS
  • Anime Tournament
  • WarCraft Brawl
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Pedro's Classical World
  • Bleach Mod

Zhe also is the Dungeon Master for two campaigns of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, the Lord of the Rings campaign, and the Cosmic Saga campaign. Zhe is also currently designing a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign to be played after completion of one of the others, an as-of-yet unnamed free-world, fully player controlled fantasy campaign. As well zhe is the Game Master for a campaign of Bleach roleplay.


Character AvatarsEdit

  • TITAN: Dane, 13th Krieger (die Zeit), Leader of TITAN
  • WarCraft Brawl: Pedro, the Green Wolf/Green Werewolf
  • Pedro's Classical World: Pedro, the Calm Idealist, King of Peru
  • Pedro's Renaissance World: Maxter Pedro of the Meritocratic Quingdom of Chile

Player CharactersEdit

  • LotR D&D: Danemir XLIV, the Ithilien Ranger
  • D&D 2: Pedro (quadranticSpindrifter)
  • Bleach RP: Pedro, a Blank
  • D&D 3: Fulgentius, a Bidev Ignis Knight

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