Dane, Leader of TITAN
Vital statistics
Title Leader of TITAN
Gender Male
Race Krieger
Faction TITAN
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Dane, the leader of TITAN, is the 13th Krieger and the leading commander of the Romulan military. Formerly under the command of the Old Romulan Regime as a Mercenary, he worked for the AKFT Project (Artifical Krieger Foundation Tactics). He is skilled in both heavy-style swordsmanship as well as dual wielding both rapiers and katanas. He is currently the host to both Red Earl and Mayan Edict, as well as his soul actually being the dormant host and second coming of both La'Morale, as well as the curse of Yün.


Dane is a Samurai and has the ability to manipulate the element of Time. He was at one point a Berserker and used only one large Knight's Claymore, known as the Dark Thorn. Upon defeating Khronos, Dane became the new master of Time, and at the cost of most of his teammates lives, was able to defeat the will of the Forced Conception, and maintain the balance within the Real Universe. Escaping with Nels, he soon returned to the corrupt Old Regime of the Romulan Government, and coldly murdered the Senators. From that point on, he served as a Warrior class, as General of the New Romulan Army. He still fought with the Dark Thorn, however, and it was not until becoming the leader of TITAN that he became a Samurai. He wields both the Avatar Blades of Red Earl (for defense) and Mayan Edict (for offense).


  • Duel Stance
  • Stop-Type Magic
  • Slow-Type Magic
  • Haste-Type Magic
  • Bushido
  • Avatar Blades (Level 1 Limit Break)
  • Inner Sacrifice (Level 2 Limit Break)
  • Awakened Deity (Level 3 Limit Break)
  • Brave Blade
  • Swordplay
  • Calm
  • Berserk
  • Crying Blade Dance of the Eons (Limit Break)


TITAN: AwakeningEdit

After the defeat of Yün, Red Earl and Mayan Edict separated from La'Morale, returning to their former selves. Upon the collapse of the Ideal Beyond, Yün's influence over the Aurora dissipated until it was banished to the Forced Conception, creating the very power force the Krieger use.